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ive always wondered how awsome it would be to play poker for a living but i feel like online poker nowadays requires a crazy amount of skill to grind out a liveable profit in todays game. im not saying im not willing to put in the work i just feel like it would be much more profitable (and fun) to play live in a casino. the only things stopping me are bankroll and skill. so i thought it would be a good idea to get some hands in online and plug some leaks that i have before transitioning to live play. considering how bad the average live player is i dont think i would need to be able to beat that high of stakes to be able to take those same skills to the casino and be a winner. i was thinking that if i can beat micro stakes online then i would be able to beat 200nl live and most likely 500 nl as well. so my goal for this blog is to share with yall my progress from 2nl to 10nl by talking strategy and posting some hand historys that im having trouble with for some discussions and hopefully by the time my bankroll is ready to take shots at 1/2 live i will already be a winning 10nl player with the skills to crush the live fish.
About Me: i am a 19 year old whos been obsessed with poker for the past couple years.
ive played about 100 hours of live poker since turning 18 but havent had much success due to skill/bankroll. i havent been keeping track of my results up untill now but i would assume that ive made a couple hundred dollars in profit so far.
im currently working a crappy fast food job making minimum wage at about 20 hours a week. so i have all the time in the world to study and grind. especially since im living with my mom and dont have any living expenses as of right now.
i dont own a computer or have internet at home so the only way to study or grind is on the library computer on this is the only poker site that ive found that doesnt require you to download anything which the library computer would not allow.
Goals: 1) my first goal is to put 40 dollars in bitcoin onto my poker account on betcoin within the week so that i can start playing 2nl with a 20 buy in starting bankroll
2)my second goal is to get a personal computer as well as an internet connection set up at my house so that i can play at any time. and on a site that allows hud like hm2 so that i can study my hands better. this will probly happen within 4 weeks from now.
3)my third goal is to get ATLEAST 10,000 hands in every month single tabling. this is going to be pretty hard to track while im playing on betcoin so im going to need to switch sites fairly quickly. the reason i am choosing to single table is because i would really like to focus on the quality of each hand that i play rather than quality and especially since when i transition to live play i will always be single tabling. once i get used to online more and can get reads on my opponents more quickly i might consider 2 tabling
4)my fourth goal is to make it to 10nl as quickly as possible because i have played some 2nl here and there after after winning a couple freerolls on betcoin and in my opinion players at these stakes play like they dont care if they win or lose. which is undertandable when each pot is about the cost of a gumball lol. the only reason im playing online is to prepare me for live where most of the players actually care about the game and arent going to open shove every single hand just for the lols. even though 10nl is played for way less money than 200 nl live is i feel like its the most similar to 200 as im going to find online.
5) and my fifth and final goal is to save up as much money as possible while playing online so that i will be able to take a shot at 200 when i feel i am ready. im thinking maybe 10 buy ins should be a good starting point for my first shot. i know this is a small bankroll but im planning on taking a week off of work so that if i go busto i can start my job back up again and rebuild to an appropriate bankroll 20-30 buy ins.

So wish me luck guys and if you have any advice for me feel free to let me know!

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  1. m0mmy -
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    just finished watching the week two video on preflop play in the roots program. i feel like i got refreshed on a lot of good fundamentals like position and initiative. i always hear poker pros talking about the power of position but i dont think i ever really let it sink in. the first thing im going to change when i start playing is altering my opening ranges and bet sizing by position and definitely to stop open limping. i feel like i was definitely open limping too much before especially with small pocket pairs trying to set mine but now that i think about it i think it would be more profitable to open raise these hands just so i can have the possibility to pick up the blinds when i dont hit my set or to build a bigger pot when i do. what do you guys think about raising small pocket pairs from early position such as the small bling or utg?
    andreas also talked about having a dynamic range by having some hands you will play with good table conditions and bad table conditions. im curios to see what yalls ranges would look like playing at a good microstakes table as well as a bad one.
    im also wondering about blind stealing at 2nl. does the average 2nl player nowadays fold there blinds enough to make this profitable?
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