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Thread: Continuation Bets?

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    I have a problem with them. I don't like them. I usually just end up losing the money. If I miss the flop, I don't like to bet, except for the occasional situational bluff and semi-bluff.

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    If you raised pre-flop and hit big, you are often going to check till the turn anyway. So your opponent isn't necessarily going to "know" whether you missed or hit.

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    But some people seem to think a continuation bet is usually in order.

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    Haven't played limit in a long time. The thing is that you need a fold so seldomly to make it profitable.

    4.5bb in the pot you bet 1bb

    1/5.5 = 18%

    So if he folds 18% or more you will make a profit. Which means that if he folds whenever he has nothing/air (no EQ, no outs) it's +EV to CB. If he also folds gut shots/overcards/ace high it becomes really profitable.

    If he is the kind of opponent that calls with any two against the CB then the 2nd barrel will become really profitable instead. (If he is capable of folding at all)

    (Need to point out again that it were a long time ago I played limit last time)
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    People c-bet a lot because it's profitable to do so at limit. So you kind of have to fire at a lot of board. There are some exceptions.

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    Once again I slow down on the river should I keep firing or is it ok to slow down here?

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    In limit? I would say it depends on whether or not you have showdown value and whether or not your opponent is capable of folding on the river. Like say you have AQ. You raise preflop you get called by two people. The flop comes J59 with two spades. You fire a c-bet and you get called by one person. Turn comes 3c. You fire again and get called. The river comes X. No matter what X is if you think there is a chance that they will fold you should bet period. Say X is a spade and your opponent is overly worried about flushes then you should absolutely fire. Say X is a total brick and you know your opponent will call down with any draw period and then fold when he misses you should bet. If your opponent is a reasonable person that actually knows how to play you can check/fold or check/call accordingly depending on what X is. For instance if X is a non straight/flush out and you know your opponent is good enough to try to bluff the river when you check then you could check/call here and simply lose one bet to their Jx or 9x hands. If X is a straight/flush card and your opponent is not so dumb to fold "in case they got it" by all means check/fold this river and save the 1BB.
    The same goes with other awful cards say another 9 where they still will call you with a jack and if they had a 9 they aren't afraid of the J anyhow.

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