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Thread: The Roots

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    The Roots


    I was playing SNGs for a longer time and wanted to start playing cash games. I had some experience playing cash games about 2 years ago and I was surprised that playing 25nl was not so easy any more. There was no doubt that I was doing something wrong ...

    When I found PZ I immediately thought that it is a good idea - course spread over many months where you gradually learn relevant topics.
    We have now access too many books, sites and recourses and we want everything just right now but maybe what you need, is to slow down and learn things, gain confidence and progress.

    The Roots course will show you all important topics that you need to know to beat the micros. You will get essential support - people here will answer all your posts. Most relevant you will get constant feedbacks on the hands you post, not just typical: fold, you ..., etc. I am very great-full to everyone who took their time and helped me to improve my thinking process about the game and certain situations. And that is what it is about - the course is designed to teach you how to think about poker. PZ would definitelly suit those who are active learners.
    I would recommend PZ to everyone who thinks about the game more seriously and is not just looking for a 'quick fix/magic pill'

    Being absolutely fair I need to admit that there are some drawbacks. Some of the videos (on the site - not in the course) are not working. PZ seems to have some issues with a server. There is less going on than in the past (I reckon from posts) and I mean no new articles, videos or railbirds sessions. There was only 1 free-roll and in general after Black Friday things might be quiet, I guess.
    Simply, you get great things here but it could be even better.

    Hope it helped those who are interested in PZ.
    If you are a results oriented or like reading blogs you can check my blog here on the site. I tried to describe my journey from 10nl to 50nl.


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    Thanks for the review and keep grinding

    PS. Yeah the games have gotten tougher, you can't just click buttons anymore and expect to make a living...
    There are no bad choices, either you succeed otherwise you learn.

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    I missed these golden days everyone keeps talking about, but from a live persepective, it really sucks when you sit down at a table and reallize the experience level is so deep that its like now what am i gonna do that these guys havent seen a million times. this experience thing is one hard thing to get around so to the people whocanmake a living just doing this, its very impressive, it would drive me crazy though, but thats another leak i gotta get over, the hey its only 200, i still put value on money

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