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    Question Questions

    Hello, there are few questions:

    1. Critical leaks "Bluffed river" and "Triple barrel": How can I be sure that money lost on river bluff more than situations where I check(fold) river? Is it counts in leakbuster, can I see difference between winrates where I bet and giving up

    2. "Open raising dominated Aces in EP" - where is win/loserate on this actions, could I get more information?

    Very important leaks "Naked float flop" and "Float flop" how LB counts tree of decisions, I just wanna understand how deep is engine of LB?

    3. How " Run equity calculator" works exactly when I run it, what formula for "Calculate bluff %"? How LB puts opponent on range there?

    4. What options more useful to use in LB, because there are no forum threads in web by highlimit players. I just see many filters, how can I use them completely when I get only leak name and replay of hand

    Thank U very much
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    Sure, good questions.

    1) It doesn't currently show the difference in check/fold versus bluff, but this may be something nice to add in a future release. It's looking at an average overall loss that winning players have in terms of bb/100 here. If it's over a certain threshold, then it scores it a leak depending how far away your -bb/100 is from the average loss rate.

    2) I'm not sure what you'd want here exactly. You do have the hands you can review in the hands tab of step 1. If this is a big leak, then I'd review those and look for patterns that are giving you issue in your play.

    As far as naked flop float, etc... it's looking at the frequency you're doing this versus the frequency of other winning players and creating peak win and loss ratios. It then creates a bell curve based on the winrate from those ratios and then generates a score from that. So depending on the scoring algorithm result it sets those leaks into a hierarchy so you know which to look at first. This is not an AI engine, and frankly it's not needed for these things (nor would it be beneficial).

    3) I'm not sure about your question here. The calculate bluff% is your opponents equity based on his entered range, and the size of the pot and how much you would bet. So you're basically getting a break even fold percentage, or your fold equity needed for the bet to be a profitable bluff (since you're assumed behind). It creates auto ranges based on a crude AI to look at how the hand played and what hands your opponent might have for that particular situation. You can edit any of the auto calculated ranges, but you'll find them as a helpful start at worst.

    4) I'm not sure what you mean again. We have several threads on various forums about leak buster and it's use. If you're playing high limits than the most useful part for the filters is that you're going to get a lot of data to focus on really quickly. And the most useful part of the filters (for me, as someone who has quite a bit of online poker over the past 10 years) is to be able to review the hands from those filters. I don't have to hunt and peck for data. It's right there, and I can quickly skip through lots of important data with a few mouse clicks.

    I use it on my own game, and I wouldn't consider myself any slouch. I take my game seriously, and that's what we've tried to build in leak buster. A tool that you and I can easily use to cut through all of the database clutter. You can easily stay focused on your game, and know some key areas to review. As you move up in stakes, how you interpret several poker situations will change. But one thing will remain consistent, and that's examination into your game is going to pay off long term. Leak buster tries to simplify that examination process, and spoon feed as much valuable data as it can.

    It's not a perfect tool, and no software is going to make you instantly better as I'm sure you know. But this tool will help you analyze your game and think about your game deeper.
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