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Thread: I get B for overall aggresion being too low and F for high agression per street

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    I get B for overall aggresion being too low and F for high agression per street


    The analysis on step 2 is telling me to pump up my overall aggression (I got a B score - 2.04 AG ) by double barreling and bluffing more, but in the same time I get B for my high flop AG%(It detects no leaks - 51.7) Fs for my turn (49.8) and river AG%(46.8) for being too high. The turn and river suggestion is to try check/calling and check/folding more.

    My flop C-bet is A+(65.6), my turn C-bet is A- (43.4)

    Now I am confused how to work on fixing my total aggression leaks and lowering my per street aggression leaks at the same time. My opinion is that I really should pump down my turn/river aggression a bit but by doing so my AG will drop even more and won't that hurt my flop and turn c-bet score? Can you guys give me some input?

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    What sample size are you talking about?

    AG and AGG% are different calculations. If your overall AG is low, then it's not just flop c-bet that's the problem. You need to not be checking and calling so much, or just calling. You need to check and fold or check raise more often. It's just an indicator that overall you're playing too passive. It looks like mostly on the flop and turn.
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