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Thread: hi there struggling starting to take poker seriously

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    hi there struggling starting to take poker seriously

    Hi , im Yoshiaki a poker player from Peru. I've been playing on stars the last year nl 10 with a decent winrate but just recreational mode.Last year i've been watching some of streams via twitch from "BodoPoker", "Mike Gano" and "Ajfenix" and starting to develop my game. Now that im on vacations im trying to go "semipro".So now that i Started playing nl20 6max fast fold in ipoker im on a big downswing, if it wasnt for the little rakeback i would be really sad.
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    So i dont know what to do , maybe the reg/fish ratio in ipoker isnt that good as i thought i would be or maybe is just a downswing. Any tips, maybe changing site or something wrong with my stats? please help.
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