Moorman's book of poker
To be honest I don't like the format of the book at all.
Basically the book is written by an average 50nl player (who happens to be a writer) who then asks Moorman for his opinions and analysis of the play of some tournament hands.
So you get the hand posted then a page or 2 of dubious blurb from the 50nl player called Byron about what he was thinking when he played the hand (who appears to lack aggression) and then you get the nuggets of wisdom about how the hand should be played from Moorman.
I started skipping straight from the posted hand to Moorman's critique without reading the input of the 50nl man who played the hand. I mean why would you want to fill your head with what is often just a discussion of rank bad play and flawed thinking? Moorman sometimes agrees with the way the hands were played but not often, usually he just rips the original analysis apart as flawed. So I have stopped reading Byron's input.
Unfortunately what this means is that 250 pages of a 400 page book is written by someone no better than me and that's what is disappointing for me about the whole concept of this book.
Now the sections with Moorman's analysis are exceptional. It becomes quite clear very quickly as to why this man is at the top of the game. His analysis is extremely strong bringing a combination of experience to the preflop hand selection , accurate hand reading and an aggressive mindset. He is simply fearless and quite happy to bust if his reads are wrong, he must be extremely difficult to play against. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of his input but not the other 250 pages of in my opinion.... wasted typeset.
As an aside there are a plenty of typing errors and places were the analysis doesn't match the posted hand so they didn't get the book properly critically read for typo's.
So should you buy it?
Yes and just pay attention to Moorman's sections and forget the rest.