The LB app (v 4.0.9) isn't analyzing by stake level correctly on Step 2 - General Stats when using Analyze By Stake Level option. I have noticed this in both the stand-alone version running against PT4 and the embedded version running in HM.

To reproduce:
1. Go to Step 2 - General Stats against a DB which contains both 6-max and full ring data for the same level.
2. Select Find Leaks
3. Select Analyze by Stake Level
4. Select a full ring stake level
5. Notice that the stat ranges are for 6-max with Optimal Range Grades scored accordingly, thus incorrect.
6. If you click Leak History, you will notice that the Game Type is always listed as 6-Max when Analyzing By Stake level.

By way of comparison:
1. Select Run Analysis in the top left of the screen
2. Select Analyze all my hands
3. Select full ring
4. Note that the stat ranges are now correct for full ring