Hi, I'm Kenpo189, I'm using LB and I'm getting stucked with the "Low River Agg" Leak. After 24.7K hands LB scored me with A+, but I have one "very important leak". My river Agg is to low (16%). I watched n' watched the video about Thin Value Betting, but actually I'm looking for another article giving a more detailed explanation and a few rules based on stats or any other reference. I'm not saying that the video wasn't good, I'm just saying I'm so bad that after seeing that video I'm still nitty.

Ok, now I know that fishier opponent wider value betting range, tighter opponent tighter VB range. But how can I take that to the tables? If villain has a VPIP of 40 but a WTSD of 15, should I still VB wide? I guess no is the answer, What about a 22/18 villain with a WTSD of 32?, Should I value bet with 2nd pair?

The rule of thumb was, bet bet bet until get raised. Suppose I have 99 on MP, I OR por 3.5 bband get called by an unknow opponent, the flop is AsTs7c. I bet, bet, bet and get to SD just to see an A2s winning a huge pot with TP.

Again, is there any other content about value betting thinly? or especifically about wich range of hands should be VB on the river IP n' OOP?