From the iPhone X, the Galaxy S8 to the low-priced mid-range smartphones, the price has dropped by several million dong in the first months of the year.

After a long holiday, the domestic phone market witnessed the discount of a series of products. Typical is the shock of a large retail system with a pair of high-end smartphones HTC, U Ultra and U Play. Level down several million. Specifically, U Ultra, from 11 million to 5.5 million, or U Play only 3 million, while the price on a shelf last year was about 10 million.

Statistics show that in just a short time there were about 3,000 samples of HTC smartphone sold in just a few days.

Even with the hot phone like the iPhone X, the discount after Tet is also inevitable. In the portable market, the price of the new 64GB version in HCM City is approximately 24 million, while the category has activated the warranty is down to 23 million. Price is generally lower than the time before Tet is about 300,000 to 500,000.

This makes the price of iPhone X in Vietnam is now much cheaper than the purchase price directly at the Apple Store in the US, especially Singapore and Hong Kong. By listing and taxes, the 64GB price in the US, Hong Kong and Singapore is 24.5; 24.9 and 28.2 million.

Similarly, high-profile rivals with the iPhone X, the Galaxy S8 duo and Note8 also adjusted the price after the long holiday. Instead of the listed price of 18.49 million and 20.49 million respectively, the genuine price of the Galaxy S8 and S8 + genuine respectively to 15.99 million and 17.99 million. The change is on many large retail systems in Vietnam applied from March 1, days after the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + was launched in Spain. Meanwhile, the actual sale price of genuine Galaxy Note8 is only over 19 million, instead of listing 22.5 million.

iPhone X or Galaxy S8 discount to catch new smartphone series as Galaxy S9.
Representing a large retail system in Hanoi, said the smartphone price cuts are so mass-discharge to prepare for the new generation has just launched. For example, with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + will be sold in Vietnam from mid-March. In addition, the old smartphones, guests like U Ultra, U Play forced to reduce the price to discharge inventory .

Strong price reduction, but the general consumption of the market is not increased compared to the occasion before Tet, selling depending on the place and depending on each product. With the iPhone X, prices fell slightly, but power consumption also decreased slightly not increase.

After the holiday season, the domestic smartphone market started entering the new year. In addition to high end products, coming from big names, small brands are also actively introducing new smartphones.

Xiaomi has just launched the model Redmi 5 Plus cheap 4 million. Honor is back in Vietnam with the popular smartphone series. Oppo, the third-largest brand, is also gearing up to launch the F7 mid-range by reducing the price of the F3 Plus to make way for the road.