The Iron Lion Poker Coaching Package

The Iron Lion program is PokerZion’s premiere course. It focuses on micro to small stakes transitions and is perfect for anyone looking to advance their poker game to the next level. As the premiere course, Iron Lion subscribers will be sent 20 structured poker lessons to their e-mail inbox upon purchase. They will also gain premiere access to the Iron Lion membership forums where you will have your poker questions answered by Pokerzion mentors. You will also have instant access to over 300+ poker videos, 100+ strategy articles, and video trainers. All of this for only a one time fee of $49.99! No re-occurring fees, no monthly memberships, just instant access to proven courses that thousands have used to improve their no-limit holdem cash games.

Upon graduating as an Iron Lion, you'll have a greater appreciation for the subtleties that go into being a long-term winning poker player. You'll be well equipped to handle some of the more complicated situations that can occur at the poker table. Additionally, you'll have the option of adding to your poker repertoire by receiving discounts on poker coaching packages (4 private 1-hour lessons for only $399, instead of the regular $499), or becoming a lifetime member and having access to all of PokerZion's latest poker training material for only $3.99 a month.

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Iron Lion Course Offerings:

  • Conditional Probability
  • Abusing Regs
  • Creative Lines
  • The Art of Semi-Bluffing
  • Maximizing Your EV
  • Good Boards to Steal
  • Floating and Raising C-Bet
  • Learning How to Learn / Objectivity
  • The Approach to Poker
  • Stepping Outside Your Box
  • 3-Betting / 4-Betting
  • Overbetting / Underbetting
  • And MORE!