Poker Coaching

One-on-one poker coaching is private poker training session time with a professional poker coach. It consists of more than just observing your play, but is a complete lesson designed to quickly target the biggest leaks in your game. We have a systematic approach to locating and isolating the leaks that are costing you the most money at the table.

All mentors (coaches) at PokerZion are trained, and certified in our unique coaching methods. All lessons are logged in our database for future reference, and you are sent a complete report detailing the strengths in your current poker game, and the biggest leaks you're exhibiting. Most lessons last approximately 1 hour. They are typically conducted online through Skype, or over the phone. The following is a break-down of what a typical lesson looks like:

  • 1-5 Minutes: Talk for a few minutes about what some of your goals are, and how you prepare yourself for your sessions.
  • 40 Minutes: Observe you playing on your favorite poker site.
  • 10 Minutes: Post play analysis focusing primarily on the biggest leaks that were observed, and strategies for correcting those leaks.
  • 10 Minutes: Discussion on some general strategy you can add to your game, and then lesson planning.

For an additional $19 cost you can also have the session video recorded with live commentary for your review.

Pokerzion Discount Poker Coaching Program Packages

  Micro/Small Stakes (50NL or below) Small/Mid Stakes (100NL or 200NL) Mid/High Stakes (400NL +)
Iron Lion 4 Lesson Package $399 4 Lesson Package $499 -
The Roots 4 Lesson Package $359 4 Lesson Package $449 -
  • Individualized training program, focusing on how to correct your biggest leaks. ($59 value)
  • 4 one hour private lessons, combining the use of a dialectical approach to understanding your thought process, and sweating (observing you play online). ($500-$1100 value)
  • Theory videos, and learning modules provided based on the analysis of your poker strengths and weaknesses. ($99 value)
  • E-mail support, including hand analysis (up to 8 hands) to address any questions you have about the new information you've acquired. ($79 value)
  • All students information is tracked in our coaching database for future reference and tracking of your progress. (Priceless)