Poker Training Courses

Pokerzion has created the most advanced and systematic poker training course available. Our course content is delivered directly to your inbox every week, packed with new lessons for you to sharpen and improve your poker skills.

Course content is designed for the micro stakes player (players playing .10/.25 no-limit cash games and below, and small and mid stakes players playing .25/.50 no-limit cash games and above. You receive 24 lessons in total, plus access to our online content of over 200 poker training videos from some of the most successful online poker players today.


Poker Coaching

One-on-one poker coaching is private poker lesson time with a professional poker coach. It consists of more than just observing your play, but is a complete lesson designed to quickly target the biggest leaks in your game. We have a systematic approach to locating and isolating the leaks that are costing you the most money at the table. 

All mentors (coaches) at PokerZion are trained, and certified in our unique coaching methods. All lessons are logged in our database for future reference, and you are sent a complete report detailing the strengths in your current poker game, and the biggest leaks you're exhibiting. Most lessons last approximately 1 hour. They are typically conducted online through Skype, or over the phone.

Poker Software

Leak Buster Poker Training Software Leak Buster (for no-limit and limit Holdem) - Poker training software that interfaces with your Holdem Manager database, and extracts key statistics about your play in order to find your largest poker leaks. It's unique scoring algorithm weighs the impact of your leak against average win-rates, and suggests ways to correct those leaks through the use of videos (over 50) and written modules.

"Overall, Leak Buster comes highly recommended and considering the price, seems like a fantastic investment in your poker game." -

Ace Poker Coach - Incredibly insightful advice requires an incredibly advanced knowhow. Our award winning poker AI engine achieves this through sheer computing power and adaptive learning. Ace Poker Coach uses advanced pattern recognition to help you discover how to optimize your playing style based not only on your cards and position, but also on your opponents.

Objective, mathematically sound betting strategies can only get you so far. If you want to step it up, you will need a better understanding of the subtleties involved and this is where Ace Poker Coach excels.