The Roots Poker Coaching Package

The Roots is PokerZion’s micro stakes course. This is perfect for someone who knows the basics but is looking to work their way up in the poker world. As a subscriber, you will be sent The Roots micro stakes content, including poker training videos, modules and quizzes, and 22 cash game lessons, plus access to PokerZion’s member forums. All of this for only a one time fee of $29.99! No re-occurring fees, no monthly memberships, just instant access to proven courses that thousands have used to improve their no-limit holdem cash games.

Upon graduating from The Roots course, you’ll be given three options: to move on to the Iron Lion program for $9.95 a month (we’ll waive the first months fee!); to opt for a discounted Lifetime Membership for just $3.99 a month, which includes access to all micro stakes content; or to become a free member of our forums (this does not include access to video or training content).

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The Roots Course Offerings:

  • Software Setup
  • Understanding Pre-Flop Play
  • How to properly use position
  • Odds and Outs
  • Continuation Betting
  • Proper Post Flop Betting
  • Value Betting
  • Out of Position Play
  • Maximizing Turn and River value
  • And MORE!